Something New

Lately, I've been longing for something new. A new experience, a new project, a new hairstyle (like always). I'm getting a little tired of the same routine. Wake up, wash-n-go, go to class, eat, gym, sleep (repeat). Although these past few weeks, I've attained an internship & a new job, I feel like I'm a tad bit overwhelmed with everything. Almost seems like I vaguely have time to enjoy myself. I barely have free time. All I really want is some quality time. Some quality time with myself. Some quality time with my loved ones. Something so simple is something so sacred to me. Thankfully, tomorrow I will be heading home to my family for Thanksgiving break. It will give me a much needed break from school & dining hall food. But when I come back, I'll have 2 weeks left of school..and all that means is EXAMS, FINAL PAPERS, SLEEPLESS NIGHTS. 

I've been wanting to start posting a variety of topics on here & not always just about my hair. Suddenly, I've been dying to start a YouTube channel too! I spend too much of my time living, eating, breathing YouTube. But it's where I learn how to do everything, what outfits work best, and just view other individuals life experiences. I'd love to do tutorials on my natural hair styles, products, make up, outfits, shopping hauls, dialogue days, all of that! But...I feel like I'm lacking the talent, the lengthy experience, the time, and most importantly the audience. I'm afraid I'll end up just making videos for my own enjoyment with barely any viewers. But I think over Thanksgiving break, I'll give it a try. I guess I've got nothing to lose lol. On a good note, the next newest thing for me is a new protective style: BOX BRAIDS! I'll be posting about that soon. In the mean time, I'll keep tousling with my nappy fro & call it a day. Thanks for reading, enjoy the rest of your evening.


Speaking of new, this by far is my new favorite song. #RihannaNavy



  1. Idk if I formally thanked you for the nomination, so thank you! :)

    I totally feel you on this post! I am craving, desiring, yearning for something new. Anything. Lol. It's so depressing.



  2. I'm in love with that Rihanna song right now.

    With love,
    Tisha Jade of NeverJaded


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