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I'm going to leave this space for me to personally express myself, or as they call it in the blogging world, "freely write". This is something my very first blog was centered around and I gained a sense of comfort jotting my feelings down on my blog. Starting this blog, I intended for it to only be about my hair but I'm starting to realize that I am not a hair/beauty/fashion guru who can talk all day about the subject. It's my interest, but it is not my life. I thought I could short form my expression by taking it Twitter. Soon did I realize, "Twitter ain't got time for that"lol. Nobody wants to follow a girl who is constantly questioning the wonders of the world and why the people in it are so cruel. The reason I fell in love with blogging in the first place was  due to the idea that I could express myself, often to myself, without any limits or feeling the need to restrict my words. It was something so liberating for me being that I did not feel like I had a personal outlet to vent to. This time around, I will not let other's opinions and judgement get the best of me like my last blog. Here goes nothing...

I believe the world deserves more of "me's" on this earth. And I mean that in the utmost conceited way. Putting others before yourself is not the exact tale we've been taught as children. But perhaps, "sharing is caring". If our community could constantly share their wealth and knowledge with others, do you know who prosperous and rich we would be? We would be filled rich with happiness. But instead, we live in a society where we idolize figures who will do anything to get their hands on some money and where the word loyalty is just another cute tattoo. I understand that I am an obsessive over thinker, but sometimes I believe I can not be down playing my worth. I always make it a habit to do onto others as I'd want them to do onto me, The Golden Rule. But it always seems like I'm busting my chops to make someone else happy when I often forget to feed the hunger of my own happiness. I feel like I talk about this all the time. However, there must be a valid reason why this problem still bothers me. Maybe because I am always so willing to go out of my way for others, I sort of just expect a mutual return (not seeking it of course). Sometimes, a person just needs someone to support them along the way or be there to listen when they need it. A great quote that I think is relevant, "Whenever I need a shoulder to cry on, I always remember that I have two of them." I am starting to realize that some people just feed off of others to better themselves. Especially other individuals negativity. No one wants to see you doing better than them, especially when they are not on your level. My dad always reminds me that many people in society have what they call "crab mentality" meaning that when there's a crab full of tanks and one crab tries to escape and reach for the top, there's always a few crabs trying to pull them back down. Why can't people just be happy for one another instead of constantly bringing them down or picking out their faults? If I am mature enough to realize that there is a dire need for more compassionate, reliable, and caring individuals in our society..why doesn't anyone else see this? Maybe I care too much about everything...or maybe I've missed the memo and everyone else just doesn't care enough...

Thank you for taking notice & reading. Enjoy the rest of your evening.


  1. how i feel. thank you for this post of fresh air.


  2. Love this Simone. Please free write more.

    1. Thank you, you were actually the inspiration behind the initial creation of this post. I love how you incorporated a free write on your blog & thought it was a much needed aspect on my very own. So thank you Dara :)


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