Hello December

Dear December,
I'm glad you've finally arrived. This officially means that I can be enjoy the holiday season to its fullest extent while classes start to dwindle down & the festivities start to begin. I can't wait for relaxation, cuddling, gorging, gift-giving, and much more. This month is the starting month for my favorite tri-month period of the year (Dec-Jan-Feb). February especially because my birthday is on the very last day of the month. In December, I plan to:
  • Retain length by keeping this box braided style in for as long as I can
  • Successfully finish my first semester of my sophomore year (at least a 3.0 gpa)
  • Obtain the seasonal position at XSRE
  • Spend one day this break "winter cleaning" my room & wardrobe
  • Go to NYC with friends to see the Rockettes, Ice Skate, or New Years Eve Ball Drop
  • Sign up for my school's New Orleans Community Service Trip
  • Buy everyone's gifts & still have money saved up for the New Year!
December is a hectic month for me but the first half of the month is dedicated to working hard and keeping busy while the second half will be dedicated to celebrating and relaxing. I hope everyone has a good productive month & Happy Holidays!


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  1. Happy december for you too!!! thank you for your comment!
    I follow you by Bloglovin now! I'm very happy if you do the same.
    Have a good week! and my like in bloglovin for you...

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥


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