Watch 'N' Weight: My Journey to Weight Loss

Last week, I went home to visit my family for the night and my mother came to me an introduced a family plan: we were all going on Weight Watchers! Now, I knew my family is frugal so I knew there was no way they were paying $60/month x 4 for all us. And of course I was right lol. I'd like to call my family's weight loss journey "WATCH 'N' WEIGHT": The Unofficial Bootleg version of Weight Watchers lol. And the best thing yet is that it's...FREE!!!! With a little google research, my mom found the Weight Watchers booklet of the food point system, a personal point system calculator, and I found an app that keeps track of your daily points system so you know when you are going over your eating limit. I'd like to think of all of this as "PORTION CONTROL".  I've been doing this point system of keeping track of almost every food I ate for one week & I have already lost 3 lbs! Now I don't if maybe that day I weighed myself after 4 days of starting the program, I was just really hungry and had no water weight but I even feel lighter. By that, I mean I don't feel bloated anymore. I'd really like to lose about 15 lbs within the next few weeks too, so I plan to help catapult that by exercising more frequently. I feel like what contributes to weight gain and bloating is over eating at meals (which I did all the time). If you're anything like me, your eyes are bigger than your stomach so you always end up eating double or triple the serving. I am no health connoisseur, but I am just trying to work on a healthier, leaner me. I'll keep you guys posted with any tips, tricks, or progressions I've made. If you'd like to join my Watch 'N' Weight movement, I'll post the link below.

Freckleberry Finds "How to Get Weight Watchers for Free": http://freckleberryfinds.com/2012/01/how-to-get-weight-watchers-for-free-really/

Iphone App: Ultimate Value Diary ($2.99)



  1. AMAZING!!
    Would you like to follow each other?!



    1. Yes I follow you now, thanks for checking out my page!

  2. Great blog, so I'm a new follower =)

  3. Congrats! 3 lbs already is a wonderful accomplishment. And I applaud you and your family for making your own little program, because 60/month for four of you is steep! I can't ever see myself doing weight watchers - I don't dig the whole point system thing. I *try* to drink lots of water, eat fresh veggies and fruit, and try not to eat too much junk. :)

    xo, samantha

    1. Thank you so much!!! Yeah it is alot, but we're trying :) Thanks so much for reading my blog Samantha <3

  4. Will you be doing any more OOTD?

    1. If you guys want me to lol fashion isn't my expertise but I'll do another lol


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