I apologize for the lengthy hiatus on my blog. I've been quite busy at the end of the school semester, so keeping up with all social media sites was a hassle. But needless to say, I'm back!!!! I tried to revamp my page a little (I'm still in the process so please be patient lol). This time around I will be posting more often with my daily routines & tips on all things beauty related. Also, as you may know I've been natural for quite some time but now I am starting a new chapter of my journey that I will definitely be keeping you up to date with. In the mean time, I've posting new videos on my YouTube channel NaturalistaNeff so check into that for tutorials, reviews, and daily vlogs from yours truly. I'm glad to be back in the swing of things with my first love, blogging. If you have any questions, topic suggestions/requests, or concerns feel free to leave a comment or contact me! Talk to you soon.

I will be changing the name domain of this blog from "Nappily Ever After" to "NaturalistaNeff" to match my other social media sites soon. Sorry if this creates any confusion!



  1. Hi Simone, I found your blog through a feature on Jacque's Lioness blog. Glad I did. And I'm glad you'll be writing more.


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