Nappy Roots, Relaxed Ends

The other day, I completed a braid out style by putting my hair in several box braids. This was the result....

NOT FEELING IT. Besides the fact that I looked like Coolio, I ended up with some really curly roots when I took them out. However the ends of my hair pretty much stayed straight! (Thanks to the relaxer) This is one style I probably won't try again because of the results I had received. Also being told that I looked a "hot ass mess" that day didn't help either lol. But I digress. I need to learn how to complete some other natural protective styles! Especially since the only style I know how to do is the bantu knots. Please help!!! Some suggestions would be lovely (:


  1. I still suck at those! Lol. & I'm not sure if you would feel comfy rockin this, but I used to moisturize my hair then have my sister put two cornrows in it. I'd either rock it like that or leave the braids in for a while before taking them out. When you take them out, your hair should have that curly/crinkly look. Then just throw a headband on. I have a few pictures if you'd like to see them! :)


  2. Yeah when I get home I'll see if my mom can do that for me. I'll take a look at your pictures too! Thank you :)

  3. Cool :) You have an email I can send em to?

    1. Yeah! My email is simoa93@yahoo.com. Thanks again :)


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