Infamous Puff

This is the second day I've tried the infamous "natural puff" hairstyle. Even if you are a relaxed diva, most likely, prior to your relaxer, at some point your mom pulled your hair into this puffy ponytail. Maybe even put some knockers or barrettes around it. My mom sure enough did. I'd give this natural style a 8 out of 10. I love the fullness of the puff and how I was able to slick my hair back with the help of an old elastic headband I cut in half. However, it kind of reminded me of my childhood..which I didn't really want to achieve with this look. I think it de-aged me (if that's not a word, I just made it one) about 10 years. Honestly, I look like a big 9 year old lol! One thing with this puff is you must accessorize it! It's essential. It kind of looks plain (to me) without accessories. Faux flowers, headbands, whatever you prefer to decorate your hair with!
All in all, I really like this look. It's especially a style when you wake up with bad bed hair. It's a cute, quick natural fix I think :)
Me & my puff!

My bf Joachim & I, denim jacket twins :)

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