11 Things: Late Night Edition

So while late night blogging, I came across a post on a blog that I admire (femmeswithbenefits.com) & saw that they had an 11 things about me & 11 questions post. I'm deciding to join in on the fun! Something interesting & quirky to adhere to, especially during my late night blogging session.

1. Probably the first thing I tell people when they ask, "Tell me something I don't know about you". I always reply with: "I can't whistle or snap my fingers."
2. I am absolutely obsessed with Instagram. It's like a mini-blog with picture tweeting. All my favorite things rolled into one!
3. It was a spontaneous decision for me to go natural, made on October 28th, 2011.
4. Growing up, I had quite a vivid imagination (Still do, actually). I would constantly make up realistic case-scenarios for my Barbies as if they were in day-to-day soap opera stories. I was in dork heaven when the computer game, Sims, was made.
5. I always claim the last movie I see as my "new favorite movie". Obviously, I don't watch very many movies or have much movie experience.
6. I'm on the road to changing my lifestyle. The way I present myself, the activities I'm involved in, my diet and exercise regimen...I think this is my alert for maturing from a teenaged girl to a young woman.
7. I once was a basketball player, and a cheerleader in my sporting career. I wasn't very good at either.
8. Indecisive should be my middle name. I'm never satisfied with just one thing.
9. I'm not really into foreign foods. I'm an all-American girl at heart, with a southern fried appetite. 
10. I absolutely love "fresh starts". There's nothing better than going into something with a clean slate.
11. Documenting everything (digitally) is a new found hobby of mine. Taking photos of my progressions, the people around me, and unforgettable moments. I'd like to call in online scrapbooking.

1. Who is your favorite author? This is embarrassing but I don't have a favorite author. I like many works from various authors. My top two favorite books though are The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald & The Coldest Winter Ever by Sista Souljah.
2. What is the best career advice you've ever been given? I guess you could say this can be applicable to life as well..."Drink beer now, and champagne later." Comes directly from my father. Simply meaning, you may have to struggle and settle for things at this moment, but your handwork will definitely pay off and be rewarding.
3. What is the best relationship advice you've ever been given? Honestly, I've never really been given any memorable relationship advice. I am usually the one giving the relationship advice. So it's just a matter of me learning to practice what I preach.
4. What is your favorite song? Electric Relaxation - A Tribe Called Quest
5. Do you have any bad habits you're not afraid to admit? I have terribly ashy skin, especially when it comes to my legs. I do not lotion enough during the wintertime. I often neglect the parts of my body that covered by my clothing.
6. If you could give your 16 year old self one bit of advice, what would it be? Being that this was only 3 years ago..I would have totally told myself to 'stop dwelling on what you don't have in life and embrace what you do. I know you hate things that aren't welcoming and open easily to you, but push your way through, try to make some great connections and leave a lasting impression.'
 7. What's your zodiac sign? Pisces. I live by my zodiac sign, its horoscope & everything it stands for.
8. What's the longest relationship you've ever been in? Happily? 4 months.
9. What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of "Self Love"? That's easy. Inspired by a graffiti on a gazebo nearby, tatted on the inside roof "Love Yourself". I instagramed the photo & instantly thought of the term "LoYo". That is my new catchphrase now.
10. Favorite fragrance? My newest perfume, Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana
11. What were your New Years Resolutions? Did you stick with it/them? It was to stop swearing, a highly difficult task that was not completed lol.

Thanks for reading & feel free to repost with facts about yourself and answers to the questions on your blogs!


  1. I enjoyed reading your 11 Things. I feel like I've learned so much about you!

    PS-I was in dork heaven right with you when the Sims came out. I was in love until my overheated Playstation gave out on me several years ago lol

    1. Haha right! Thanks for reading Miss Dre!

  2. Love this girlie!! I too love a fresh start, I feel like I have one just about every week! ;]


    1. Thank you! :) & thank you for visiting my page :)

  3. Haha lol Simone you're funny and honest. I've never really had a favorite author ---except the Bible--- I felt like I should've just in case someone asked. I don't feel so alone lol.


  4. Great post! You and I can relate on a lot of things :]


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