Finding my curl pattern!

Natural curl pattern
So over the past few weeks, I've been noticing my hair's natural curl pattern to come in. It's definitely more prominent in the back of my head because my hair grows at the fastest rate back there. The sides and the middle are starting to evolve as well. The front has yet to catch up, which (to me) is the most important part I'd want my curl to display itself lol. Doing some research on different hair types, I've discovered I'm between a 3C and 4a. A 3C hair type is defined as coiled curls that require a lot of moisture to reduce the frizz. I'd like to think my hair is for the most part confused.  Some sections of my hair are more 3C like, with it's soft, manageable, pencil circumference sized curls. Other sections are more 4A like, shrinking towards my scalp for moisture, almost as if my hair is the Majuve Desert. This shrinkage can mostly associated with what we call "naps" or what family likes to call them, "peas" lol. My natural curl pattern is something I've never noticed before, mainly because I was relaxing my hair for more than half my life. I also have noticed a regrowth of baby hairs/edges, something I've never seen before with a relaxer. Finding my curl pattern hasn't really affected me in ways of changing up my transitioning regimen,  it has just provided a sense of process and total excitement. I can't wait for my hair to continue grow out. I recently had my mom give me my first "mini" big chop. She cut off about 1 in. of relaxed ends all around. It's a very blunt cut, but I don't mind it now because I will be undergoing protective styles for the next few months to give my hair a break from all the stretching, twisting, washing, and knotting. Because of this, I've decided to transition for another year 1.5 years. I've already achieved 6 months of achievement. I officially started the transitioning process in December 2011 & I am going to extend my transition period to June 2013 (end of my sophomore year). We'll see how the hair growth process goes from there! Ta-ta for now <3

3C Hair type
4A Hair Type

Regrowth of "baby hair"

Structured curl

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