Long Overdue

I can't believe I haven't posted in over a month! Just a quick update, I've attained two jobs so I'm constantly on my feet. Looks wise, I've had Senegalese Twists in my hair for a month's duration & I absolutely love them! It's amazing break from all the stress of twisting & co-washing on my hair. I'd suggest for any naturalista to get this braided up style! It's simple, sleek, & barely maintenance-free! Besides, I've got tons of compliments followed by the infamous question: "How long did that take?!" Lol, any woman who's ever gotten box braids, micro braids, or anything like that knows that you will be sitting on your butt for at least 6 hours. In my case, 7 1/2 hours. It was $160, but I think it was well worth it...especially since I'm going to be wearing this style for the summer. This is my way of "transitioning while preserving". I really just wanted to give my tresses a break. In between brief spurs of giving my hair a good wash, deep condition, and letting it breathe for about two weeks, my next hair style will be a full head weave. I will try to maintain that style for most of next semester, take it out in the winter to see my hair's progress & decide what to do from there. As for this blog, I will be updating occasionally with my progress, new hair styles, & maybe some random like outburst I feel like sharing. Tata for now! Xoxo Simone


  1. So0o I love this song by Goapele. My all time favorite song that reminds me of my party days in college sigh. I miss it lol.
    Anyways, your hair looks awesome! I think I want some. I always see females wearing this style, but short which turned me off, but you're making me want to get some like today!
    Great transitioning style.

    1. Also, would you be interested in being a guest blogger on my mentoring program's website Mentoring Young Girls?
      Seeing as you're a college student, we're looking for those that can share something with our readers.
      Link: http://www.mentoringyounggirls.com/2012/06/were-looking-for-guest-bloggers-this.html
      Email us if so
      Thanks :)

  2. I would love to! Thanks for all your input! I will be emailing you shortly :)

  3. Best of wishes with your jobs and your hair journey!! You're glowing!


  4. Wow thanks for the lovely comment! Love love love your blog!!!


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