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I haven't posted on here in months! A lot hasn't really changed. I'm still frustrated with my hair and losing patience lol. Since my last posting, I have taken out my Senegalese twists (which were an awesome transitioning style) and have managed to put my own glue-in weave & throw on a few wigs! While the styles had a short life-span, it was fun while it lasted. However, what hasn't been so fun to deal with is my natural transitioning hair. Recently I've discovered I have something called scab hair. Scab hair is "newly grown hair that is dry, wiry and crinkly. If you recently big chopped and previously had a relaxer, the follicle may have been damaged previously from using the relaxer. Scab hair doesn’t represent the actual texture of your natural hair and will need to grow out and snipped off to show your true texture." (naturalhaircommunity.com) Basically, it's rough, dry, and brittle. NOT FUN. So to revamp my hair's moisture, I'm trying to start co-washing more often being that I neglected my natural hair for the summer. Another feeling I've been having is the frustration of where natural hair meets my relaxed ends. Lately, they've just been dangling like a willow tree. The ends often mess up the shape of my twist outs & it simply does not look cute! Ughh...Another failed attempt at a twist out. I constantly find myself asking my boyfriend (who just so happens NOT to have nappy hair) if he's embarrassed to go out in public with me while wearing my bantu knots or twists. It's evident that his answer will deny such thing but still. It's super hard to stay positive through the transitioning process just because you can become frustrated with the results or how slow the results appear. At least, I believe that's my problem. I've been post relaxer for nearly 11 months now and that is such a major milestone for me! But, watching all these YouTube videos of various women, their natural hair journeys, and how long their hair is just discourages me from being patient with my growth, but more importantly how to regain healthy hair. This is something I'm going to have to fight through while simultaneously acquiring a sense of self-confidence with my coiled locks. Tata for now, I'll keep updating with my experiences.
Damp 'fro with the "hang time" relaxed ends
First & Last Domincan blowout for a while!
Attempt at a roller set
Scab Hair!!!!!!!
Two Strand Twist Out

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