BC Squared: Big Chop, Big Change

 If you don't personally know me or haven't seen me on campus it'd be news to you that I cut the rest of my relaxer off, a.k.a THE BIG CHOP! It was a spontaneous decision. After a terrible two strand twist out, I just decided to off the rest of my relaxer. Simply because I was dissatisfied with the results of my twist outs that have persisted for the past few months: curly at the roots, straggly straight ends. I simply washed my hair, grabbed a pair of scissors & got to cuttin'! It was sooooo liberating. It was like releasing a bad energy. It was my miniature version of "fung shway" (however you spell it).
(Pic 1: Pre-wash; Pic 1: Wet Hair; Pic 3: Relaxed Ends)

My end result was....really short! I was ecstatic to get rid of the straggly, dragging ends but I was left with a feeling of..."NOW WHAT?" I didn't mind it though, until everyone else did. The first people to see my new look were my housemates, which also happen to be some of my close friends. Their reactions were more so of you would call shrieks & complete shock. They felt bad for me almost as if I made a terrible mistake. They were even more surprised when I told them I WANTED TO DO THIS. Nonetheless, they stared at me, reassured me "the look fit me" & that I was crazy bold. My boyfriend on the other hand was speechless at first, AND NOT IN THE GOOD WAY. He just would stare at my crown without saying a word. I didn't even want hear what he had to say & I broke out into tears, knowing exactly what he was thinking. Today, he'll sit here & preach that he's proud of my decision and journey & that this look is growing on him. I'd like to say he actually has no other choice but to let it grow on him lol. When it came to my family, well...my mom was the only one who was supportive. I called them on the phone, broke the news, my sister had no response, my dad groaned in agony, and my mother just had a million & one questions. She was pleased that I would be so bold to do something. She reassured me that everything was going to be okay, that'd I'd be beautiful either way & to not let the opinions of other get into my head. The next day she took me to a local hair salon to "clean up" the daring haircut I've made. My TWA sure was teeny but it looked more cleaned up. This day was the start of new beginnings.

(Pic 1: MY finished cut; Pic 2: The salon's finished cut; Pic 3: TWA Twist Out)

Disregarding the shrieks, the groans, the blank stares, the negative comments, I am overall satisfied with my decision. Although I may not like the look of my TWA, I most certainly am proud of myself for sticking with my transitioning journey. It was definitely a hard one to maintain but I managed to retain faith. Next month, I will be 1 year post relaxer. I most certainly have come a long way from the depths & years of the creamy crack we as women call "Relaxers".



  1. I'm so happy for you! & proud! My mom was the opposite of supportive but she's very into hair so she's always making me try different products she see's on youtube. I think you would be perfect for making youtube videos about styles & products you try on your hair & your natural hair journey in general. Welcome to the natural life, YAY!- Lauren ^_^

    1. You're a beautiful natural by the way!

  2. It's funny to hear other people's reaction about your own hair, isn't it? Lol. But I wish you much luck on this journey. It amazes me how this process develops into a growth & self-love process. You really focus more on yourself, you actually feel more "natural". You look beautiful.

    xo, jas

    1. Righttt? I was startled at first but it doesn't bother me anymore lol but thank you very much! I couldn't agree with you more :)


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