Post Relaxer Anniversary

Just wanted to announce my 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY of getting my very last relaxer yesterday. October 29th of 2011 was the final straw for me. I officially threw in the towel for my drawn out fight with the creamy crack. This whole year has been frustrating & thrilling simultaneously. Although, I am extremely proud of myself for sticking with the transition. Before that, I used to criticize other women for wanting to go natural. I didn't understand it, nor did I think it looked attractive. Now, I wish I could take back my offensive remarks and apologize to them for simply being ignorant to the idea of retaining natural hair. Simply because I know how it feels to be chastised & judged for it now. It is a difficult task to stick to, but I am extremely proud of myself for maintaining the willpower to keep going with it. I didn't think I would last this long lol. It's an accomplishment that has essentially changed my life & enlightened me about other individual's journeys. I knew that I was't alone! Disregarding the negative comments, the lengthy time consumption, the breakage..I wouldn't take back my experience for anything. It somewhat has made me into the person that I am today. Today, I am open to new challenges and a liberal free-spirit. Cheers to my NAPPIVERSARY!


  1. Hey Simone,
    I nominated you for a Liebster award,
    check out my blog for details!


    1. Omg thank you so much! I will be sure to check your blog out!


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