Merry (Belated) Christmas!

A day late is better than nothing but Merry Christmas! Yesterday I was too busy to tend to social networking but I'm back today! Christmas Eve I spent the evening with my boyfriends family. They showered me with unexpected gifts and I was nothing but appreciative. Tons of beautiful scarves, new clothes, perfume, and the best surprise of them all: a new camera! I've been wanting a new, smaller camera being that I recently sold my Nikon D3000. It really was just collecting dust. I barely used it and it was too big to lug around to places I actually wanted to take pictures. Joachim bought me a Canon A2300 point and shoot & I'm in love with it! It's my new baby. Joachim & his family make me feel so welcome & at home, they are really like my second family! 

Christmas Day I spent opening gifts with my own family and spending precious time with them. My boyfriend came over to my house to spend the evening with us. For dinner, I cooked my very own dish from scratch: Candied Yams with Marshmallows. And might I add, I put my foot in those yams! I don't cook very often so this dish is something I'm really proud of. This winter break away from school I really want to plan on making more meals for my family. I was never formally taught how to cook so now I'm trying to rush and learn being that I will soon be living on my own. I am trying to avoid making fried foods and bake or grill them. I would love to make a grilled chicken dish with some sautéed asparagus or red potatoes or something. My boyfriend, Joachim, has influenced me to eat healthy and clean to feel better about being a healthy individual. 

Yesterday, I also topped off my Christmas look with some new makeup given to me this holiday. I used my NAKED palette from Sephora on my eyes, Revlon PhotoReady Concealer under my eyes, MAC Spiked Eyebrow pencil, and Chanel Imitable Intense Mascara to achieve my look! I thought I did a good job of tying all these products together in one look. 

Christmas time is obviously about spending time with your loved ones and making memories. Of course that's what it is for me as well, but it also means to mean MASSIVE WEIGHT GAIN. With the high calorie oh-so delicious dishes being served on Christmas being my weakness, I've definitely gotta get back on my workout/diet grind....as soon as the left overs are gone lol. I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday, whether it was Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanza, Boxing Day etc. Thanks for reading and enjoy the rest of your relaxing day!



  1. You look amazing, Simone! Merry Christmas!

    And that dish looks delicious!

  2. Okay, your face looks perfect and you and your man are adorable! You're not the only one who indulged; I practically stuffed my face with everything that wasn't healthy. No regrets though. Merry Christmas Simone!

  3. Your makeup looks great! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

    *now your newest follower via greader. :)

  4. lovely photos and i really like your make-up that u wore! :)
    Your blog is awesome and nice to read! I would appreciate it,if you visit me too! :D


  5. Thanks everyone for the beautiful remarks, Happy New Year!


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