Tradesy Treasure!

Hello world! The other day my mom pointed out an article in the paper talking about an online store where you can buy & sell designer clothes. It's called tradesy.com. Regular women shoppers, like you and I, sell some of the articles in their closet they may not want anymore or maybe they decided later that they spent too much on a luxury item and are just looking to sell it for some profit. I think this site is awesome. I've already found some items I would love to purchase soon. Boy, does my momma know her daughter well! After visiting the site I was thinking the Gods have answered my prayers, designer merchandise at a discounted price! It's like chic-thrifting. I think you all should check out the site to find some of your favorite designers, from Louis Vuitton to Forever 21. They have everything! Take the time to check out my closet & other great item listings here. Also, if like what you see on Tradesy or like the idea of selling your very own unwanted items in your closet, feel free to sign up..it's completely FREE! Also, if you sign up under my profile and list one item, both YOU AND I get $10 in Tradesy cash! Hope you enjoy :) Thanks for reading & enjoy the rest of your evening.



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    1. Thank you so much! Going to follow you now :)

  3. Thanks for sharing hun! This site rocks!!


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    1. Followed you! Thanks for stoping by :)

  6. Very nice artice, girl! I'm using Tradesy too, maybe you have Poshmark or Vinted http://www.vinted.com/ accounts? :)


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