Transitioning & Protecting: Heat Free!

Hey loves,
Just here sharing my new findings here. While blog surfing on the web today, I came across this amazing new product called Heat Free Hair. What that is naturally kinky and curly hair textured weave for women. I'm telling you ladies, the Gods have answered our prayers (or at least mine) on this one. WEAVE FOR NATURAL HAIR. This way us natural or transitioning women who adore our curls but either do not necessarily adore the length or just want to protect their locs now have a solution. There are two types of hair, Kurls are for those with 3C-4A hair types & Kinks are for those with 4B-4C hair types. As for me, I'm a little confused with what my hair type is because I think I have all different strands of 3C to 4C in my hair! It's something that I think maybe every naturalist should look into if they desire a different type of protective style. Maybe when the spring/summer season comes along I'll definitely invest in these tracks. For now, I'm just admiring from a far. Check out the Heat Free Hair campaign here to find your match today.

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  1. I think alex has this in her hair! Seems like a great alternative especially during the winter months. Thanks for sharing!

  2. She does! I found out about it through, it looks so good on her!


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