Five Month's Worth of Hair Growth!

Hey world! Just wanted to briefly share with you all my 5 month hair growth length check (excuse my facial expressions & ugliness lol) Throughout my process I am constantly taking pictures of my hair growth just for personal documentation. However, today was the first time I ever put them next to one another! I am excited to see I've gained an inch or two because during my relaxed days I could never tell if my hair was growing or not. I know it's not a drastic change in length but I just wanted to share my progress. For months 3-5 I was protective styling under braids and wigs and these are photos of the aftermath of taking them out in "blown out" styles. Also, during month 2 I had to get a second hair cut because my first BC's relaxed ends were still there causing breakage. Therefore, my hair looks a lot shorter than month 1. As of right now I am going to continue with protective styling with weaves until about the end of April. I can't wait to see what my hair will look like at the end of my 1 year journey! Stay tuned :)

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  1. Look at it grow! The next thing you know, your fro will be huge. I'm always amazed when I watch other's hair growth on youtube... it seems like it happens over night. lol

  2. You look soooo beautiful, pretty lady!! :)

  3. Major growth girlie! I love it!


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