Happy June + Life Update

Happy June everyone! These summer months are already flying by. I've been out of school for almost a month now & things are great. I've decided to set personal themes for myself for each month of this summer. This month, I'll deem it 'time'. Working on my time management whether it's for getting to work on time or spending quality time with my little sister. I need to work on cherishing my time instead of wasting it! I didn't realize it but last month's personal theme ended up being 'spontaneous'. A word that so perfectly describes me. I got another new job, applied to several others, went gambling, cut my hair for a third time, and so much more...all on a whim. With all this, I think I'm going to write out a summer 2013 bucket list. I'm trying to complete as much on bucket list as I can before fall semester starts. Here it goes:

- Get my hair braided up for the summer
- Get a new job
- Go to a casino/gamble
- Drive a far distance by myself (2+ hours completed so far!)
- Attend multiple concerts (just came back from Hot 97 Summer Jam 2013 yesterday)
- Hit 1,000 subscribers on my YouTube channel (subscribe here...it's free!)
- Take a road trip with a friend &/or friends
- Visit friends in the Tri State & DMV area
- Go on vacation with my boyfriend
- Re-apply for my dream job
- Buy a Moschino &/or Hermes belt (stretch goal
- Attain 3 inches of new growth!
- Start weekly Zumba classes
- Go to a strip club
- Pay off my credit card debt
- Plan a weekend getaway with my family
- Shopping spree in SoHo
- Save at least $2,000
- Finalize academic plan to study abroad in London
- Complete a 1 week NutriBullet Detox Cleanse (NO SOLID FOODS)

& the list continues as the summer goes on!
As far as posting, I'll be keeping you guys updating about myself & some neat tips and tricks on hair & beauty related things I find along the way. Tata for now,


Best wishes these next 30 (now 27) days!


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    1. I'm looking forward to any big artists that come to the Tri-State Area (NY, NJ, MA). I really want to see Drake too!


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