LOIS | The Hair Typing System

Are you a naturalista who is curious about what all the hype is around declaring your 'hair type'? I was & still am. I've recently discovered a website that describes our natural hair types in a cool, funky way: through acronym letters. The system is called LOIS. Each letter stands for a genre of hair, deeming which 'daughter' you are. Determine your curls, kinks, and coils by find your curl pattern group:

L – If the hair has all bends, right angles and folds with little to no curve then you are daughter L.
O – If the strand is rolled up into the shape of one or several zeros like a spiral, then you are daughter O.
I – If the hair lies mostly flat with no distinctive curve or bend you are daughter I.
S – If the strand looks like a wavy line with hills and valleys then you are daughter S.

In my case, I am a daughter O. My hair has an abundance of tight spiral curls but still has daughter L like textures. Take a picture of your own curls & see which daughter you are!

 *these pictures are in its fully air dried state




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  5. I find that the LOIS hair typing system is much better than the other systems out there...but unfortunately, the Andre Walker hair typing system is the most widely used system. My hair is similar to yours. I have many "O" strands and "L" strands with a very few "S" strands. What would you say your hair type is using the Andre Walker system?


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