90 Day Hair Growth Challenge!

Length as July '13
Hey y'all! Hope everyone is enjoying their summer so far. Can't believe it's more than half way over! This summer I've been super busy working on projects of all sorts. Because I've been so busy I sort of neglected my natural hair. It's pretty much been kept under wraps in protective styles like my box braids and now my Marley twists. I believe my hair has grown an inch since my intial length check in May and I am looking forward to attaining more growth! I came across ClassyCurlies blog the other day and saw that she was doing a 90 day hair growth challenge. She has her own set of products she will be using to attain hair growth but because I'm ballin' on a budget I'll just be using some good 'ol Jamaican Black Castor Oil. I've heard great things about this oil because it really promotes hair growth! Only thing is it smells terrribbllleeee. My family hates when I use it in their house lol. But as long as it helps my hair grow I don't care what it smells like. ClassyCurlies has asked her followers to join her on this journey and because I've committed to joining I would like to invite you all to join us! My growth duration will occur from August 1st-November 1st. By then I will be past my one-year nappiverasry so this works out to be perfect timing. I will be
updating with my results + if I figure out a solution to mask the stank smell of JBCO :)

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