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So I was just browsing the blogs and I came across this article about a man who actually preferred his wife NOT to go natural. He goes on to explain how he feels insecure about his wife transitioning stages of going natural. How he has succumb to the media's idea of European beauty and how women look best with long, flowy hair instead of short kinky hair. This article really hits home for me because in the back of my mind I am still a bit self-conscious about what others think/feel about my natural hair...especially what black men think. I believe we need more black men who will voice their opinions about their fellow counterparts' hair. It may ease the curiosity or tension we have within our community when it comes to what they think of black women and natural hair. Read the article here in its entirety please, he has some interesting things to say. What are your thoughts?


  1. Hm.. Personally I think culture is not even the reason here. A man (husband) who does not accept what his wife wants to, in my opinion,he is not being a good husband or simply he is not really in love with her, but in love her beauty.
    I would never accept that my boyfriend or husband says that he doesnt want me to wear e.g. a skirt or whatever...

    Good post! Really interesting!




  2. It's true. it's important you go into marriage respecting each others interests, otherwise, do it with someone who shares the same as you

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  3. He might win some, but he just lost one. LOL. I feel like everyone is entitled to their own opinion so I can't knock that, just like I may not agree with my (future) dying his hair green, I can't expect him to accept her transition to natural. Hopefully they'll be able to find common ground and find a way to agree on some terms (perhaps her weaving it up during the transition and rocking it at a length he finds acceptable?). It sounds bad but, it is what it is. Lesson learned, marry someone who's supportive and sees you as beautiful no matter what.


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  6. Its been so long since I visited your blog and its perfect as always. This was an amazing post!

  7. I can understand why he may feel this way because it's been ingrained in all of our minds (european standards of beauty) .. but it's time that we as a people grow and start to see ourselves as beautiful in our own natural state. With out kinky curly hair, full lips, dark skin.
    At the end of the day it's just hair- he needs to relax. I am soo thankful that my husband doesn't care what I do with my hair...

    Love your blog!


  8. Out of all due respect, I do not mind my articles being reposted and discussed, but I think this write up is a misrepresentation of what my article is about. My article is about how my initial reaction to my wife returning to natural was negative but through internal reflection, I realize that the problem was within me. In this write up you paint me out to be a guy who currently hates natural hair and that is the furthest thing from the truth. I am actually a strong advocate for natural hair and have been for the past few years. I would be more than happy to discuss this with you.

    1. Thank you for bringing this to my attention and I apologize for my misinterpretation. In no way was I trying to criticize you or make you out to be the bad guy. I just wanted to share this article and receive feedback from my readers about how they feel others in society view natural hair. I guess in my response to your article, I never fully wrote my thoughts on your ENTIRE perspective, just a portion that made it personal for me. Again, I apologize and if you would like for me to I can further delete this post Dr. Guyton.

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  10. Fortunately, my man loves my natural hair. lol ! X

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