5 Day Weekend's Thoughts

Sounds almost impossible right? How I managed to obtain nearly a week long vacation is due to no Friday classes, the cancellation of classes and the holiday. I've been relaxing all weekend long, almost a little too much. It's going to be difficult for me to get into the swing of things & getting some work done. But this was a well deserved relax period, being that I had such a busy week last week. Two tests, a paper, a presentation, all on top of recovering from an upper respiratory infection..UGH! This semester is no joke, I am realizing I can't procrastinate like I used to. Anyone who knows me knows that procrastinate is my middle name lol. It's a personal goal I've set myself to obtain better time management.

Speaking of obtaining, I'm looking for a new job...AGAIN. I am never satisfied with one place for an extended period of time. But the 2 jobs I have now (one I am never scheduled for) aren't appealing to me anymore. As much as I love retail, I have being employed for it. I've been in that field since age 16 and I think it's time for a change. I'm looking to apply for a job with a disabilities service that will be doing a job fair at my school in a few weeks. The pay is great and I love working with people whose lives I can influence and make a difference.

I also changed my major..AGAIN. I'm back to Communications, where my heart resides. Public Relations being my concentration, it's only right for me to pursue a career in Communications. I've always been a networking/social media junkie, so why not turn that into a career. As for what I'm going to do with it, I'm not sure. I'm desperately looking for some internships as we speak.

This weekend consisted of me thinking a lot about my future. I spent it with none other than my companion, Joachim. This whole entire weekend to ourselves was like a mini getaway while still being here on campus. Not having to worry about our roommates or school work, we were able to just enjoy the simplicity of each other's presence. This type of bond is all I need to feel at ease. I don't get to bond with very many people, so when I do it's something that I most certainly cherish. The means of my mind racing about what could happen next is something I think is no coincidence of who I spent my past few days with. Hope everyone had a great weekend! Enjoy the start your work week tomorrow.
XOXO, Simone

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  1. I'm in the same boat! I'm trying to find a new job I've been working the same job for 2 years and I'm ready for something new. Plus trying not to procrastinate myself. I think procrastinating is my third middle name. If i'm not studying for a test, I'm reading and if I'm not reading I'm doing something that has nothing to do with school. I need help lol. I hope you find the job you're looking for. Love your blog! xo Cel :)


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