Finally Free

I'm finally free of the Senegalese twists (Round 2)! As much as I loved them, they got frizzy super fast & I couldn't take it anymore. I only had them in for 3 weeks.

Back to the afro I go, but I'm in a dilemma. I don't want to wash & go for the winter time. My TWA (teeny weeny afro) looks best when its wet & sealed with ECO Styler Olive Oil gel. As much as I'm trying to avoid heat damage, I think I may just go ahead & blow dry my hair tonight, just to see what I can do with semi-straight hair for a few days. I'll post pictures later of the result.
Protective styling is going to be a big thing for me this winter. I've been really diggin' the look of yarn braids, but many people aren't a fan of the fake "dread" look. I may just go ahead and get a weave or lace front wig. I'm just afraid of getting a full weave without leave out because I'd hate for it to look too fake. Does anyone have any suggestions for different protective styles? I'd love to hear some ideas or what you've done. Thank you! Enjoy the rest of your evening.


  1. I always found those braids to be so pretty! I wear lace fronts, and weaves. If you get a full weave, just make sure they make it look as natural as possible, and not as if you blatantly have a weave. & I'd get it sewed in. Glue is a no no for natural hair, really. It does nothing but cause breakage.


    1. Thanks so much for the advice! Yeah I was thinking of getting a weave & purchasing a lace closure so it looks somewhat real lol


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