A Look From The Past

Hello, everyone! I tried a new style out this weekend! As of now it's an untitled styles but I slicked all my hair down with about 1/4 of my tub of Eco Styler Olive Oil gel to give me a mini finger roll look of the 1920's. I personally love it! It's so sleek and antique looking, it gives me a different side I've never seen before. I've gotten a few times I look like Josephine Baker (sadly, I didn't know who she was before..thanks Google!). It's by far one of my favorite styles I've had since being natural. I'm going to stretch the style until this weekend is over.

Recap to last week, after I took out my braids I noticed two things: hair growth and breakage on the ends. I think that from the first BC, my hair stylist didn't cut off ALL the relaxed ends. The night I took down my hair, I could not get a comb through those ends to save my life. I broke my blow dryer's comb attachment trying to do so! (I tried straightening my hair to see the length check #fail) So the impulsive individual that I am went straight to the salon the next day & cut off all the rest of split-end-breakage-patch I had going on. Only unfortunate thing about this is that I am starting back over from square one with my length progress. Hopefully this will propel my hair into the fresh, new start it needs.

I'm all about "clean slates" this week, it's my personally theme so let's see how long I can keep this up! Thanks for reading & enjoy the rest of your work week. XOXO, Simone


  1. You Look beautiful x


  2. Love the new style, it suits you well! You're very pretty :) thanks for the comment on my hair post.

  3. You look absolutely beautiful! I can't wait to do the BC, hopefully in a few weeks.

    1. Thank you Dara! Best of luck, post pictures! We'd all love to see :)

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  7. Thanks for visiting ladies! Your comments are much appreciated!!! <3


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